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$ 1 Trillion Deficit for Fourth Straight Year

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the federal budget deficit has exceeded $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row, coming in at $1.1 trillion in fiscal year 2012 – or 7.0 percent of the economy. “The federal … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books on Unemployment?

The U.S. economy added a net 114,000 jobs in September, while the unemployment rate fell to a surprisingly low 7.8 percent, a number former GE boss Jack Welch described as cooked up by the Obama administration. The September jobs number … Continue reading

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The New World Order of Russia, China and a Weak US

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that the Obama administration’s “Reset” in relations with Russia “cannot last forever,” and must be followed by a closer relationship, according to a Reuters news report. Lavrov, however, is willing to wait until the … Continue reading

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