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CIA Shutters Climate Change Office

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has shuttered its Center on Climate Change and National Security, an office created in 2009 to serve as the “focal point” of the agency’s work on the topic. CIA spokesman Todd Ebitz said the agency’s … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Could Mean $22 Billion More in Taxes for Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvanians will face billions of dollars in higher taxes unless Congress acts by the end of the year to defuse a threatening combination of tax increases and spending cuts contained in the so-called “fiscal cliff.” A recent report by the … Continue reading

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Governor Corbett at PA Press Club

THE FISCAL CLIFF: Fresh off a meeting of the National Governors Association, where the combination of mandatory spending cuts and tax increases was a topic of discussion, Corbett said he finds the prospect “frightening,” because it means the potential loss … Continue reading

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