Holder Wants Automatic Voter Registration

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who halted photo ID laws in South Carolina and Texas before the November election, suggested on Tuesday in Boston that the United States should consider adopting “automatic” voter registration.

This essentially would mean that millions of people who sign up for government benefits but don’t bother to register to vote will be given the franchise. Think of it as Motor Voter on crack cocaine.

It’s the perfect way to grow Big Bird’s Food Stamp Army into an unstoppable force and move America toward the Chicago model of dependency and one-party rule.

Liberals also are talking about getting rid of the Electoral College, which would give vote fraudsters a huge incentive to stuff ballot boxes where their candidates were going to win anyway, such as deep-blue California, Illinois and New York.

Apart from their destruction of the Founders’ idea of self-government by an informed citizenry, “automatic” registration and direct popular vote would damage the states’ constitutionally appointed role of conducting elections. The automatic registry also smacks of authoritarianism.

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