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Al Gore’s Legacy -Snake Oil Salesman

Former US vice president Al Gore, who sold out to the same Arab oil he made an environmental career out of pretending to fight,  may hold first place as the world’s number one environmental snake oil salesman.  But his one-time … Continue reading

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US Debt Headed to 200 Percent of GDP

The nation’s long-term fiscal outlook hasn’t significantly improved following the recent agreement between Congress and the White House over tax and spending issues, according to a new analysis. The “fiscal cliff” deal, combined with the debt-limit agreement of August 2011, … Continue reading

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Too Many Regs: New England Fishermen Going Bankrupt

Minutes after New England fishery managers took a vote that cast doubt on the historic industry’s future, the prospects most clear to Gloucester fishermen Paul Vitale were his own. “I’m bankrupt. That’s it,” said the 40-year-old father of three. “I’m … Continue reading

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