Attention Union Members!

The Pacific Justice Institute has created ChooseCharity “in order to help union members that want to opt out of their unions for religious reasons in the most automated, inexpensive and user friendly way possible, considering the process required.”

The courts have consistently backed individuals’ rights and beliefs over the union’s for more than 3 decades.

ChooseCharity will act as an administrative entity that will assist in the opt-out process, collection and distribution of MEMBER dues to a charity of the member’s choice, and MEMBER communications.

ChooseCharity will take an administrative percentage of the cash flow to pay for the cost of getting the word out, collecting the dues from the union, providing the legal services, and distributing the dues to a charity of the member’s choice. Currently, because of the onerous process the fee is 15%.

About ChooseCharity:  We are an organization that is committed to two very special things. One, the unique and passionate missions of quality charities around the world and two, allowing individuals the opportunity to give to what they believe in regardless of other challenges. We hold strongly to the idea that social change and growth will come best from the non-profit community rather than from government involvement. Unions have long sought to maintain their own interests which often remain contrary to the beliefs of their members.  Therefore, we have developed a simple process to remove the roadblocks, allowing any union member the opportunity to opt out of their current union relationship and see their dues go to charities they are passionate about. Plus, you may be able to redirect the political portion of your dues back into your pocket. Do what you want based on what you believe…ChooseCharity, because you can!

Click here for more information.

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