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Over Next Decade – 53% of All Spending Entitlements and Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office is offering a bleak picture of the exponential growth of entitlement spending over the next decade, stating that 53% of all federal spending in that time, amounting to $24.9 trillion, will be due to entitlements and … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Union Opposes Corbett’s New Pension Plan

Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed pension reform package, which calls for new employees to be enrolled in a 401(k) and current employees to see some changes in the way their pensions are calculated, is being met with fierce, but predictable opposition … Continue reading

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Earthworms May Cause Global Warming!

According to a new study by an international team of researchers, earthworms could be contributing to global warming. The study looked at results from 237 separate experiments from published stories to explore earthworms’ role in affecting global warming. “Our results … Continue reading

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