Under Obama Weakest Economic Recovery Since WWII

President Barack Obama has presided over the weakest multi-year economic recovery since the end of World War II, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

Since the end of the last recession in June 2009, the economy has grown only 7.5 percent–compared with the double-digit increases the economy experience in other multi-year post-World War II growth cycles.

Using inflation-adjusted GDP figures from BEA and business cycle dates from the National Bureau of Economic Research (the organization used by the government to date when recessions and recoveries begin and end), CNSNews.com calculated how much the economy grew in each recovery since 1949, the earliest full recovery period for which BEA data is available.

In three and a half years from the end of the last recession in June 2009 until the fourth quarter of 2012, the economy grew only 7.5 percent, increasing from $12.7 trillion to $13.6 trillion.

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