Global Warming Believers March on Washington

The global warming movement has staked a lot on the Obama administration blocking the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring oil from the rich Canadian oil sands south to the petrochemical complexes of Texas.  The problem for Obama is that if the pipeline is blocked, the Canadians will surely build a pipeline to either their East or West coast in order to sell the oil into the world market.  So, oil that would have been sold directly into U.S.  markets at a good (for us) price will, instead, be cycled through world markets and we will end up paying more for oil that is no longer exclusively ours.  If the Persian Gulf should be blocked by war, we will miss that oil very badly.  Obama’s choice is to pacify the crackpot left at great risk to the nation, or to approve the pipeline and make his leftist supporters very angry.  Happily, Obama loses either way.

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