VA Medical Center in Pittsburgh Just Paid $47,000 for a Smoking Machine!

Maybe here’s a cut the VA could make!

On January 16th, the VA Medical Center in Pittsburgh awarded a contract for $47, 526.91 to Maron International out of Houston, TX.  What did they buy?  A smoking machine!  Click here for the contract details.

According to “The smoking machine includes “mouse exposure chambers.” We called the Department of Veterans Affairs and, sure enough, the machine is something used in research on the effects of smoking.

“The Smoking Machine you are referring to,” emailed a VA contract specialist, “is a machine being utilized in one of our research labs.”

We asked just what kind of smoking research the Department of Veterans Affairs is doing but the contract specialist refused to say.”

Hmm, maybe they haven’t yet read the 1964 US Surgeon General report linking smoking to lung cancer.

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