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$123 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities

Most Americans know that our nation is spending more than it is taking in (the deficit). Though many on the Left do not seem to understand (or care about) the consequences of out of control spending, most Americans do know … Continue reading

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26 States Remain Free of Obamacare

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ deadline for states to partner with the federal government on health insurance exchanges was Friday, February 15. For the 26 states that remain free of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s … Continue reading

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AAA: Largest Increase in Gasoline Prices in Three Years

The 44-cent jump in gasoline prices over the past four weeks was the largest in well over three years, according to AAA. “The 44-cent month-over-month increase is the most dramatic since June 2009. The largest increase on record was August … Continue reading

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