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Let the Sequestration Happen

Former Senator Jim DeMint:  “If we can’t get the president to come off the military cuts, we need to leave these cuts in place.  In most cases, it’s not really cuts. It’s just a slowing of the growth of spending … Continue reading

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New Rules Will Cost Health Costs to Skyrocket

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) criticized the Health and Human Services Department for moving ahead with new restrictions on how insurers set their premiums. AHIP wanted HHS to delay rules that say premiums for older patients can only be three … Continue reading

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Contact Information for Boy Scouts of America

Concerned about the Boy Scouts (BSA) possibly lifting the ban on homosexual leaders and members?  Remember homosexual activists and their allies do not want the Boy Scouts to simply lift the national ban and allow regional Scout Councils or local … Continue reading

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