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New Hiring Patterns Thanks to Obamacare — 1 Comment

  1. This is the new trend in American business. The reason for this is very simple: these people will be dependent upon the government for handouts ie. food stamps healthcare etc. The very people that are vilified, the working poor are being exploited to create a class of workers dependent upon government programs. Which political party will these actions benefit? Why the deceptocrap party. But never fear, RHINO Republicans such as Eric Cantor are putting forth legislation that would strip workers of their ‘overtime” pay in order to help small business. By creating a poor working class dependent on government these workers will never vote republican as long as the GOP keeps threatening to do away with welfare, and other programs for the poor. Economically speaking the GOP is no different from the democratic party in the sense that they both support Keynesian Economic Policies. Which is government intervention into markets and business, this is nothing more than socialism (Keynes by the why was a prominent socialist). The time for rehtoric is over, the time is on hand to start a purge of both the GOP and Democratic Party to rid our country of these closet socialist/facists.

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