Ten Colossal Common Core Errors

Anthony Cody spent 24 years working in Oakland schools.  He has written an essay entitled:  “Common-Core Standards – Ten Colossal Errors.”

Error #1: The process by which the Common Core standards were developed and adopted was undemocratic.  

Error #2: The Common Core State Standards violate what we know about how children develop and grow.

Error #3: The Common Core is inspired by a vision of market-driven innovation enabled by standardization of curriculum, tests, and ultimately, our children themselves.  

Error #4: The Common Core creates a rigid set of performance expectations for every grade level, and results in tightly controlled instructional timelines and curriculum.

Error #5: The Common Core was designed to be implemented through an expanding regime of high-stakes tests, which will consume an unhealthy amount of time and money. 

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