Another Reason to Oppose Common Core – NEA Strongly Endorses It!

Another reason to oppose Common Core — the NEA strongly endorses it and is offering one year’s worth of free classroom ready lesson plans:  “When I sit on panels and someone chastises us for supporting the common core, I always ask: ‘Are there specific things you believe should not be there?’ I never get an answer,” NEA President Dennis Van Roekel said. “Second, I ask, “What’s missing?’ I don’t get an answer. And the third thing I ask is, ‘What is the alternative? What do you want? Standards all over the ballpark, tests all over the ballpark?’ “

In point of fact, Van Roekel continued, “the Common Core State Standards are our best guess of what students need to know to be successful, whether they choose college or careers. If someone has a better answer than that, I want to see it.”

And that’s why the union wanted to create a year’s worth of what Van Roekel called “classroom ready” lesson plans aligned to the common core, and available to teachers for free.

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