Obamacare Website Still Not Secure

A security expert who tests flaws on private websites testified before the House Science Committee on Thursday that healthcare.gov, the federal exchange website for Obamacare, is “not secured today, and nothing has really changed” since he last testified before Congress about the security threat.

“The consistent feedback that we got was that healthcare.gov is not secured today, and nothing’s really changed since the Nov. 19 testimony. In fact, from our Nov. 19 testimony, it’s even worse,” David Kennedy, CEO and founder of Trusted SEC, said in his opening statement.

“Additional security researchers have come into play, providing additional research – additional findings that we can definitely tell that the website is not getting any better,” said Kennedy.

“In fact, since the Nov. 19, 2013 testimony, there’s only been one half of a vulnerability that we discovered that has been addressed or even close to being mitigated. And what I say about one-half is that basically, they did a little bit of work on it, and it’s still vulnerable today,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has been nicknamed the “white hat hacker,” although he contends that he “in no way, shape or form” performed any type of hacking on the website.”

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