Corbett Issues Growing Greener Grants

Governor Tom Corbett announced today that the Department of Environmental Protection will invest more than $20.65 million in watershed protection projects to improve watersheds, reduce stormwater runoff and acid mine drainage (AMD), and support educational programs, among other environmental efforts.

“Maintaining water quality and protecting Pennsylvania’s resources is an important focus of my administration,” Corbett said. “The millions invested in these grants demonstrate our continued commitment to protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources for generations to come.”

This year, the Growing Greener program, funded by the Environmental Stewardship Fund, will award $15,120,608 for 97 projects around the state. Four additional projects, funded by the Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Grant, will receive $1,953,947. Two additional grants, totaling $406,975, are funded by the AMD Set Aside Program.

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  • Cornplanter Township, Oil Creek Streambank Stabilization: $120,000
  • Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Porcupine Run Fish Passage: $132,227
  • Venango Conservation District, Little Sandy Creek and Sugar Creek Streambank Stabilization: $28,308
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