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Jack Lew Says Must Raise the Debt Ceiling by End of February

Congress will likely need to raise the debt limit by late February to avoid a missed payment, according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. In a letter sent to lawmakers Wednesday, Lew said the timeline for a borrowing boost has moved … Continue reading

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HHS Says More Eligible for Medicaid

The number of people determined to be eligible for low-income health insurance programs grew in the month of December, the halfway point for ObamaCare’s first enrollment period, according to federal health officials. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) … Continue reading

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Leftists Hopes of TEA Party’s Death are Dashed

A left-leaning organization that opposes white nationalism and white privilege has issued a report confirming that the tea-party movement not only is not dying, it continues to grow significantly. The report comes from the Institute for Research & Education on … Continue reading

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