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Patriot Alert – Action Required — 2 Comments

  1. We Conservatives support a platform that is based on the Constitution and the rights it affords all, even the unborn.
    – does that extend to the due process rights afforded EVERY citizen via the 14th Amendment? SCOTUS seems to think so. You seem to be all about the Constitution – until it buts up against your worldview – then not so much.

    • Not sure what point you are making. If you are talking about the unborn, they may not be citizens until born but the Amendment says the State shall not deprive any “person” of life, liberty or property. It’s pretty hard to deny that there is no life in the womb when science says differently. If you are referring to persons born or naturalized in the US, perhaps you would like to explain the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof. To be subject to the jurisdiction, one has to make a covenant to abide by the law of our land and the Constitution that was written to establish a fair government for all. SCOTUS does not make the laws of this land, it’s job is only to interpret the Constitution. I think we would have to agreed they haven’t been 100% non-biased. Perhaps you could be a little more specific?

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