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US and Canadian Energy Resources = 100% Domestic Liquid Fuel Needs

A new report commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute stated that the United States, in partnership with Canada, has the energy resources to make the country completely independent of outside sources for liquid fuel supplies by 2024.Calling the state of … Continue reading

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Relief From Bio Mandate Requested

The petroleum industry formally asked the Obama administration on Tuesday to lower the amount of corn-based ethanol refiners must blend into transportation fuel in 2014. Failing to adjust the Renewable Fuel Standard’s blending targets could result in “severe harm to … Continue reading

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State Department Launches “Inquiry” into Keystone Report

The State Department’s internal watchdog has “initiated an inquiry” into whether the contractor Foggy Bottom used for a draft environmental analysis on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline had a conflict of interest. The move is a response to allegations from … Continue reading

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