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All PA Congressmen Vote “Yea” on $1.1 T Spending Bill

Those are all ways Heritage experts have described government programs Congress is funding—with your hard-earned money—in its new trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill. Here are a few big failures that need to be eliminated or seriously reformed—but instead are getting millions … Continue reading

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Top 10 Wasteful Federal Government Projects for 2012

If you value your tax dollars, you’re sure to be outraged by these wasteful projects. Following are the top 10 examples, five from each report. Though not necessarily the biggest ticket items, they are no doubt wasteful and representative of … Continue reading

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Amtrak Losing Millions Each Year

Amtrak lost more than $800 million on its food and beverage services over the last 10 years, largely because of waste, employee theft and lack of proper oversight, government auditors have found. The railroad’s food and beverage service has never … Continue reading

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