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Just How Many Federal Employees Do We Need?

The federal government is growing like kudzu. That’s the Japanese ivy plant that’s taking over roadsides all over the south and is even invading the north. Kudzu does some good, holding the ground and so on, but the price is … Continue reading

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Outstanding Balance of Student Loans Skyrocket

The outstanding balance for all of the direct student loans the federal government has issued topped $600 billion in April, according to newly released data from the U.S. Treasury. The total balance hit $600.457 billion by the end of April, … Continue reading

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Too Much Money Spend on Welfare Program

The federal government spent enough money on federal means-tested welfare programs to have sent each impoverished household a check for nearly $60,000, according to figures from the Census Bureau and the Congressional Research Service(CRS). According to a report from the … Continue reading

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