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Teachers’ Union Opposes Corbett’s New Pension Plan

Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed pension reform package, which calls for new employees to be enrolled in a 401(k) and current employees to see some changes in the way their pensions are calculated, is being met with fierce, but predictable opposition … Continue reading

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Why Governor Corbett’s Decision on State Exchanges Was the Right One

Governor Corbett said ‘no’ to a state health exchange in PA yesterday.  Here’s why this is a good decision:  If a state does not set up an exchange, the federal government will come in and set it up, according to … Continue reading

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Governor Corbett at PA Press Club

THE FISCAL CLIFF: Fresh off a meeting of the National Governors Association, where the combination of mandatory spending cuts and tax increases was a topic of discussion, Corbett said he finds the prospect “frightening,” because it means the potential loss … Continue reading

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