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Part of Obamacare Repealed

It seems Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said “we have to pass” ObamaCare to “find out what’s in it.” No one may ever know because the White House keeps treating the Affordable Care Act’s text as a mere suggestion … Continue reading

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Should We Delay or Defund Obamacare?

Conservatives are united in one idea: Obamacare is devastating policy for America. To halt its destructive effects, some are saying Congress should merely delay the law. But to truly stop it, Obamacare must be defunded. Some conservatives are arguing for … Continue reading

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Company Wins Lawsuit, But Loses Award

Not long ago, Denver officials announced their intention to honor 50 years of distinguished service to their community by Hercules Industries, a national HVAC manufacturing company based in the city, with a proclamation citing, among other things: The company‚Äôs successful … Continue reading

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