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HHS Says More Eligible for Medicaid

The number of people determined to be eligible for low-income health insurance programs grew in the month of December, the halfway point for ObamaCare’s first enrollment period, according to federal health officials. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) … Continue reading

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Millionaires on Medicaid

Expanding Medicaid coverage to an estimated nine million more Americans—as mandated by the Affordable Care Act—reinforces the idea that Medicaid only serves the poor. That perception is not accurate. And it distracts from a looming budgetary threat to the program: … Continue reading

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Medicaid – a Placebo for the Poor

Many GOP governors have been criticized for refusing to participate in the wild and ill-conceived expansion of the Medicaid program under Obamacare. There is good reason. While the expansion is underwritten by the Federal government in the near term, in … Continue reading

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